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Lisa Fox Jackson of Iowa always loved skiing when she grew up. But growing up in San Antonio, Texas, she didn’t have many opportunities to do it. She does now.

woman skiing on ski slope with blue sky

“It hardly ever snows in San Antonio,” she says. “And when it does, it isn’t what you think of when you think ‘snow.’ There’s almost no accumulation. What San Antonio mostly is, is hot.” She admits that she had more skiing opportunities in the back of her mind when she began thinking about going to college at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. “I’d have majored in skiing, if it had been possible,” she says with a laugh.

Lisa Fox Jackson of Iowa enrolled in Naropa and went there for four years. Along the way she managed to sneak in the occasional ski weekend with various friends and fellow students. “We always took our homework with us, but we didn’t always get it finished,” she recalls. After she graduated in 2007 she was determined to remain in Colorado, which she had grown to love. Then she discovered Estes Park, a tourist village at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, and decided that was where she wanted to make her home.

The closest ski area to Estes Park is called Eldora, says Lisa Fox Jackson of Iowa. “Twelve lifts, fifty-three ski trails, three hundred inches of snow a year – and it’s only an hour from where I live,” she reports. She is a regular there during the ski season. She also enjoys skiing at Echo Mountain, which is a little further away and smaller, but features jumps, rails, and other terrain challenges she thoroughly enjoys. She says she still believes in Texas Forever, but says she plans on living in Colorado for the rest of her life.