Lisa Fox Jackson Iowa – Look Out the Window

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Teacher

Lisa Fox Jackson of Iowa says that there is a lot to love about her adopted hometown, Estes Park, Colorado. And one of those things are the herds of elk.

The town is situated on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park and the area is abundant in wildlife. Each fall herds of elk descend from the mountains and all but take over the town. Hundreds of the animals congregate in parks, golf courses, and on any available lawn. And Estes Park takes advantage of this phenomenon with its annual Elk Fest, held each year in Bond Park and the surrounding area.


“The first time I saw it, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes,” says Lisa Fox Jackson of Iowa. “Here are these huge animals, hundreds of them, walking around town like they own the place.” As she knows, the early part of fall is the start of the elk’s mating season. All through town the haunting call of the bull elk can be heard: deep resonant tones that quickly rise to a high pitched squeal, before turning into a series of grunts. Tourists flock to Estes Park every year to see the elk and take part in the Elk Fest.

Most of the festival is free, although there are fees for the elk viewing bus tours. “You don’t really need the tour, although I guess they have their place,” says Lisa Fox Jackson of Iowa. “If you want to see elk during mating season, all you really need to do is look out the window.”


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